Ximending accommodation

This time we go out thanks to us before starting a boyfriend for the Ximending accommodation. It seems to me in the morning is misunderstood him. My boyfriend and I we’ve agreed on, we are going to travel together, we are not busy just this time, so we call this a few days to go out to play a few days. So today we’ll leave in the morning, but we go out in the morning before they went to the door, my boyfriend came back again, from in front of the computer is book the hotel, I also very angry, to the order is not good, very to go to. But I never think we are good to Taipei late, that I was tired and hungry, but also a catch is now the tourist season but boyfriend ordered the Ximending accommodation otherwise, we could not live.







Taipei four star

Early this morning my father let me go to Taipei four star pick aunt, my aunt said to be two o’clock last night, but not to disturb the rest of us call home in Taipei four star stayed there one night, and I rarely meet aunt, my aunt has been in overseas development, career development is very good now finally it settled in a foreign country, among the few year back, grandmother at home all day nagging aunt, estimated to be aunt want it, the aunt finally came back, my grandmother one morning to let Dad pick up, mom and Dad said he wanted to go to the supermarket big purchases put this task to me.



hualien attractions

Last month Hualien attractions friends invited us to go there to play, is really too happy. The original side this fun. Hualien attractions is the most suitable for young people, this night is very lively, where we live is in the Hualien attractions, side outside busy, it was very quiet. And the traffic is very convenient, where to have particularly close. Hualien attractions is really a good place for leisure, the scenery is very beautiful, relax the best. You want to come back to Hualien attractions here, we call on more friends come here, to let more people know Hualien attractions here is very fun.

台湾 五つ星 ホテル

私は友達とホテルで出勤して、私に提案に台湾 五つ星 ホテル に出勤して、私は思っている台湾 五つ星 ホテル は五つ星ホテルに入ったら、私はちょっと難しいかもしれ、これらの日に私は家で勉強するホテルのサービスについていくつかの常識。今自分も意欲、「台湾 五つ星 ホテル 面接に行くため、私は面接フロントサービスなので、私が行った時にはわざとかいた薄化粧だろう。これは最低限の常識。まで後で私は見つけ応募に来てこの職の人は更に本当で多いよ!可能性は私の前に勉強してホテルのサービスのためだろう!私はとても幸運に採用された。


I for the son of a Cambridge English training class, think such as children grow up, I asked him to Cambridge university students, so, after his life our parents will not worry about it, and my son’s self-care ability is very strong, if a person learning in Cambridge University, is certainly no problem, but it is poor English, from the Cambridge University there are quite a distance from it, so I want to do now is to help children learn English every day, I took him to Cambridge English training class, after the class I was to meet him, is to the future Cambridge pave the way for the University.